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Cape Town TV Newsletter February 2020

Schedule changes

There have been a number of changes to the scheduled times for various shows on CTV. Viewers will be glad to know that the popular international news show, Al Jazeera, has moved back to the 8-9pm slot. This means that the international news highlights will be broadcast instead of the current affairs shows that were broadcast in the 7-8pm timeslot. 

Here are the changes:

Worker's World - Thursdays 19h00-20h00
Workers World focus on workers issues in the workplace and related labour issues.

The Womxn's Show (Season 1) - Fridays 08h00-09h00

The Womxn's Show (Season 2) - Tuesdays 19h00-20h00 / repeats Sundays 17h30-18h30
The Womxn's Show unpacks issues around gender justice and women's rights, and focuses on navigating social, government and regulatory systems through a gendered lens.

Philippi TV Drama - Mondays 21h30-22h30 / repeats Saturdays 22h00-23h00

Philippi TV Magazine Show - Thursdays 18h30-19h00
Shot in Phillipi,Cape Town by local emerging producers Philippi TV focuses on content dealing with issues in the local community.

Rise - Tuesdays 18h30
Rise is a lively, informative talkshow that provokes conversation around critical issues that affect young women everyday.

Afro Bus Playlist - Wednesdays 22h00-23h00 new timeslot
Afro Bus is dropping another set of vibes both to young and old as it cultivates and integrate Afro culture, entertainment and music while interviewing artists from various parts of Africa with different backgrounds.

Nguni Villas - Thursdays 22h00 new timeslot
Nguni Villas mic sessions aims to showcase raw hidden talent in the music space. The sessions are held in geo-locations deemed as "outside" art locations.

Khayelitsha TV - Mondays 19h30-19h00 / repeats 16h30-17h00
Khayelitsha TV Channel is here to showcase inspiring, moments and culture of Khayelitsha and its surroundings, to focus on education, sport, entertainment and entrepreneurial culture in our communities.

Umlilo Firetalks - Saturdays 17h00-17h30 new timeslot / repeats Fridays 09h00-09h30
The show provides a well-rounded portrayal of Rastafari life in the Western Cape and beyond, giving outsiders a look in and providing Rastafari people with a platform to discuss matters particular to Rastafari life.

BBC Life Clinic - Wednesdays 19h00-19h30 new timeslot / repeats Sundays 19h30-20h00
Life Clinic is a weekly factual entertainment show. BBC presenters from across Africa analyze African health, food and lifestyle trends. The latest medical and scientific research provides practical solutions and advice.

Street Talk - Wednesdays 19h30-20h00 new timeslot / repeats Saturdays 19h30-20h00
Street Talk advocates active citizenship through film; working in the realm of changing perception. The series strives to empower viewers with the tools to make informed and educated decisions.

A Walk with Mel - Fridays 19h30-20h00 new timeslot / repeats Wednesdays 11h30-12h00
Mel chats with entertainers in Cape Town, including dancers, MCs, DJs, graffiti artists, actors etc.

Islam Actually Spiritual Edition - Fridays 18h30-19h00 new timeslot
This show presents spiritual upliftment and guidance from an Islamic perspective.

Rod Suskin's World - Fridays 19h00-19h30 new timeslot
Well-known astrologer Rod Suskin talks about the astrology affecting the latest news and events, answers your personal questions, and explains key spiritual and astrological concepts.


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