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Cape Town TV Newsletter February 2019

A year of new beginnings

Karen Thorne
   Karen Thorne
We’re sure you’ll notice the ‘Under Construction’ header we’ve added to our website. The year 2019 represents new beginnings for CTV and we’re excited to announce that there are more innovative changes happening across the station, including a new-look website.
As CTV moves into its second decade on air, change is echoing throughout the organisation, and most notably in the shift of broadcasting into the digital era. We’ve been doing lot of investigation and deliberation on the future of television, which presents both challenges and opportunities for the channel. At the most basic level television stations and audiences will be migrating to a digital platform, which means that in order for viewers to continue watching free-to-air TV you will have to purchase either a digital decoder or a digital TV.

On CTV's side, we’re making sure that our viewers are informed about the coming changes and that you'll know where to find us after the switch-over. We’re also looking at additional platforms to host our content so that CTV continues to be omni-present in the digital era.
Another of CTV's priorities this year is community outreach, offering more opportunities for the public to get involved with production activities in the studio. One initiative in this line is our newly-launched Workshop Programme. CTV will be running 34 workshops throughout the year which include producing, presenting, monetization, digital marketing, video production and more.

The Production Mentorship Programme builds on past efforts at facilitating community access and participation and is aimed at emerging producers who want to produce their own shows at CTV. The programme trains them in television production and walks them through the full process of producing of a pilot series through our public access platform Open Studio and beyond. You can read more about this here.
We also have some new shows, new faces and new events on the horizon - all designed to engage better with our communities. Ten years ago, CTV was launched by over 180 civil society organisations to provide a platform to showcase local talent, strengthen the voice of civil society and empower people to tell their own stories. This year, with the exciting new developments on the horizon, we aim to renew our mandate as The People's Channel by strengthening our relationships and engagement with civil society and independent, local producers as well as taking our diverse, local content offering into the digital era.
Karen Thorne, Station Manager.

Cape Town TV