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Cape Town TV Newsletter February 2019

Warrior on Wheels

Cape Nature and Warriors on WheelsOne of the most important functions of a community broadcaster is to cover events and organisations that have a positive impact on communities. CTV recently covered efforts by CapeNature to improve access to its reserves for children with special needs.

CapeNature is committed to the principle of universal access and is actively striving for this at offerings at its nature reserve facilities. At Rocherpan, where Cape Town TV paid a visit, this commitment was seen in the extended access ramps to accommodate wheelchairs as well as universally accessible showers.

CapeNature has collaborated with the Warrior on Wheels Foundation (WOW) to sponsor three custom-made buggies for differently-abled children for the third year running. Last year this sponsorship enabled nine differently-abled children to share in the spirit and camaraderie of the Cape Town Cycle Tour when they were towed along the route in specially manufactured buggies by able-bodied cyclists.

Partnering with CapeNature in the venture is the Warrior on Wheels Foundation, which uplifts and empowers children with disabilities by providing them with special adventures and sports activities.

The cycle buggy initiative not only gives the children the opportunity to experience the iconic cycle tour event but it also affects their families who attend the event with them. Experienced cyclists volunteer their time, love and energy to care for these warriors as they tow them around the peninsula on the 109km cycle route.

Diedre Gower is the founder of the Foundation and she's the mother of Damian, a differently-abled boy. She took the initiative to take her son on adventures such as horse riding and river rafting and so she decided to share the joy of these activities with the families of other differently-abled children by starting the WOW Foundation in 2015.

CapeNature's Callum told CTV that the organisation wants to provide access to the parks for all South Africans. Such exposure to nature raises awareness about environmental issues so that everyone can have a better experience at their reserves. When asked about the cheerful WOW participants who were not shy to call the CTV crew "their fans" upon their arrival, Callum said he wishes them all the best for the cycle race.

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