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Cape Town TV Newsletter February 2019

New programmes on CTV

Programme Manager Anu Nepal is proud of the channel's performance over the summer season. CTV is maintaining its popularity in the community have reached a viewership of almost 3 million in December 2018, while January figures are also high according to Programme Manager Anu Nepal.

"We are managing to sustain viewership this year at around 2.8 million a month," she says. "We are very happy that we are drawing in the viewers and they are responding well to our programming."

Anu reports that the channel's sports programmes are very popular and are getting a very good response from viewers. The channel is looking at acquiring more content from the community this year, besides the every-green favourites. Cape Rugby TV and Sports Federation TV.

There's more sport coming too with live soccer games from the MultiChoice Diski challenge happening every second Saturday in April.
Some of the programming viewers can look forward to include:
Democracy in Action
Cape Town TV received funding from the Foundation of Human Rights to produce a second season of our civil rights show called 
Democracy in Action. This is a social justice, journalism-driven magazine programme that aims to amplify the work being done by civil society organisations as well as empower citizens to know their rights, become active citizens and hold public officials to account. Keep an eye your screens and our social media pages for news of the launch date.

National Geographic Live
Thought-provoking presentations by today's leading explorers, scientists, and photographers.
Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10h00-10h30

Voice of America – Straight Talk
VOA provides trusted and objective news and information in 45 languages to a weekly audience of more than 236.8 million people around the world and serves the world with a consistent message of truth, hope and inspiration.
Tuesdays 21h00-22h00
Voice of America – Africa 54
If you want to know what’s trending in news, health, sports and lifestyle, then tune in to Africa 54, the newest TV offering from VOA’s English to Africa service.
Monday to Thursday 18h30-19h00

Cape Rugby TV
Local personality JP Naude engages his panel of rugby experts weekly to look at WP Club Rugby, including interviews and highlights, logs results and fixtures.
Wednesdays 21h00-22h00 / (R) Saturdays 09h00-10h00

Sports Federation TV
A collaboration of sports from the WP Sports Council. Promoting sport and sports management in Cape Town.
Fridays 21h00-22h00 / (R) Saturdays 08h00-09h00

Inspire TV
Inspire TV is a community generated content programme focussing in all the positive stories that comes from within the communities in the Northern Suburbs of the Cape Flats.
Fridays 15h30-16h00 / (R) Mondays 14h30-15h00 / (R) Wednesdays 09h30-10h00

Botho with Roxy maRosa
A talk show produced by UCT TV about social topics revolving around gender based violence, poverty and grandparent- headed families.
Saturday April 6 2019 17h30-18h00

UCT Summer School
A series of lectures by University of Cape Town Summer School.
Wednesdays 08h00-09h00 / (R) Sundays 07h00-08h00

Free Media Free Minds
A programme that looks at media issues and how to keep your mind free from the influence of media spin and manipulation. 
Thursday May 2 2019 21h00-22h00 / (R) Tuesday 08h00-09h00

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