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Cape Town TV Newsletter February 2019

Technical updates
Lenina Rasool, Deputy Director                                                                                                        

We’ve been talking about our journey into the digital space for a while now, and we’re happy to report that we’re making good progress. Here is a run-down of some of the tech developments coming to the station in 2019.
Website Revamp
We’re pleased to announce that our new website is finally on its way. After a decade in broadcasting, we are giving ourselves a facelift and revamping our website. Viewers and uses can expect to see a more modern, user-friendly and multimedia-focused online platform soon that will better showcase our programs and stories. Watch this space.  
Knowledge Management
This year, Cape Town TV will be consolidating our internal operations by adopting Google’s G-Suite as our main platform for collaboration and production. This cloud computing software will enable our departments to better connect and collaborate with each other lead to more efficient production processes. We are extremely excited about this development and look forward to bringing you better and more effective programming in the future as a result.
Mobile Journalism
Cape Town TV has been experimenting quite extensively with mobile journalism (MOJO) as an innovative and more cost-effective way to produce videos. As a non-profit operating under the usual financial constraints, shooting multimedia with mobile phones – which includes sound, lighting and tripod equipment – offers a more cost-effective way for us to tell stories. In addition to increasing our internal capacity, we’re excited to be offering MOJO training to increase organisations’ capacity to produce media that can be aired on the channel.

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