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Cape Town TV Newsletter February 2019

Call for programming proposals                                                                                                                   

CTV is calling for programming proposals from Cape Town based NGOs, CBOs, independent film makers, education and government institutions. Proposals will be forwarded to the relevant commissioning editor who will make recommendations to CTV’s Programming Committee. Programming partners will be selected on the basis of CTV’s programming policy which is available on

Once selected, CTV will provide partners with a “letter of intent to broadcast” which can be used to raise funding or sponsorship to cover production costs, according to guidelines set out by CTV. The budget will include a 5% broadcasting fee payable to CTV to cover broadcasting costs. In return CTV will have non-exclusive usage of the material for a period to be agreed.

Programming proposals can be sent to and cc-ed to There is no deadline.

Proposals should be no longer than four pages and include the following information:
1) Name and contact details of partner institutions and legal status (CC, Section 21, etc);
2) Details of key individuals involved – track record, skills and PDI status;
3) Half page synopsis of the programme;
4) A two page treatment, including a breakdown of topics for 50 % of episodes. 
4) Duration and number of episodes;
5) Budget summary and finance plan;
6) Target audience;
7) Time of day/week you would like the programme to be flighted (provide 3 options)
8) Indicate when the programme is likely to be ready for broadcast?
9) Details of training or community access component of your production;
10) Indicate how CTV can assist you (e.g. access to a studio, etc.)

Please include a show reel or promo of your work, if available.  
Please note that if your show is selected, you MUST be  available to attend all workshops and the allocated days – on either Mondays or Tuesdays – in order to produce and present your show. 

Cape Town TV