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Cape Town TV Newsletter February 2019

Join CTV's Production Mentorship Programme

Do you have a burning issue that you want to discuss on community TV? Know someone who is doing amazing work that deserves recognition? Wish to create a platform for education and dialogue on issues that affect us as Capetonians? Then Cape Town TV is the platform for you!

We are happy to announce the launch of Cape Town TV’s Production Mentorship Programme which is aimed at identifying and developing talented individuals in the community who want to harness the powerful platform of television to drive positive social change in our community.

Aspiring producers need not have TV experience but should have subject matter expertise in fields such as health, human rights, gender, disability and other topics that are in line with the progressive and developmental mandate of the station.
The Process
  • CTV will call for proposals through our quarterly newsletter.
  • Once selected, participants will participate in three consecutive workshops offered on Friday mornings in producing, script writing,   researching and presenting.
  • If your show is selected for further development, you will have the opportunity to produce a stand-alone show which may or may not   include inserts.
  • Selected participants will produce a pilot series of up to 6 episodes in public access platform, Open Studio, that will be recorded on a   weekly basis.
  • As part of the programme, you will also attend a workshop on “how to monetize your show” and work with the CTV sales department to   secure sponsorship or funding for your show.
  • Additional workshops will include marketing and digital content creation.
  • Once completed, we will evaluate the performance of your show and discuss the way forward.   
In 2019, we will be issuing three “calls for proposals”. The first group was selected in late 2018 and is already underway. The second call is included below.
Cape Town TV is calling for proposals for studio-based talk-shows (which may be developed into a magazine programme) that serve to advance the progressive and developmental mandate of the channel.
Who can apply?
  • Individuals associated with and accountable to NGOs and CBOs and member organisations.
  • One-person producer/presenters are preferred however we will work with groups of two. 
  • Emerging producers and presenters who are interested in developing a career in television.
  • Activists and influencers with passion and subject matter expertise in one of the above areas.
Selection Criteria
Priority will be given to proposals that address one or more of the topics below however other themes will be considered:
  • Human rights and social justice: Land, water, housing, informal sector, education,legal, gender, consumer, environment, health, etc.

  • Socio-economic development: Enterprise development, poverty alleviation, food security, etc.

  • Social cohesion: Embracing diversity, promoting tolerance, community safety and security.   

  • Marginalised and underrepresented groups: Seniors, refugees, homeless, people living with disabilities, LGBTQI, etc.

  • Culture and Identity: Arts, culture and heritage, oral story-telling, social history, indigenous knowledge systems.

  • Social Development: Substance abuse, domestic violence, gender discrimination, parenting, home-based care, fundraising drives.

  • Hyper-local geographical communities: Providing a platform for diverse communities to advance community development, social cohesion, community safety and security, promote local talent, etc.  

  • Personal development: Mental health, life-skills, health and wellness, personal motivational.

  • Showcasing local talent: Poetry, literature, spoken word.

  • Lifestyle & Sport: Sport, outdoor lifestyle, tourism, DiY, gardening, food, fashion, design.

  • Language target: 40 % Afrikaans, 40 % IsiXhosa and 20 % English.

  • Local focus: Proposals will only be accepted from people who reside in the greater Cape Town metro and
The Production Mentorship Programme specifically excludes the following content:
  • Shows that are aimed at self-promotion,
  • Content that is of a party-political nature.
  • Content that is aimed at proselytising or promoting a particular, organised religion.
  • Content that is deemed as sexist, racist, xenophobic or infringing on the dignity and rights of communities
  • During the pilot stage we will not be recruiting performing arts shows that require technical setups, although aspects of this may be included in the show.
How do I apply?
Send your proposal to on or before 14 March 2019. Don’t worry if you miss the deadline because we will keep your proposal for the next deadline on 13 June 2019. Before then you may also have the opportunity to present one or two shows in the ‘public access” slot in Open Studio to get used to being in front of the camera and fine tune your ideas.

Proposal format
Email address:
Cell number:
ID number:
Name of company/organisation (if relevant):
Who are you, what do you do, educational background, what are your interests, any experience in media & communications, why do you want to do this?
Brief description of the concept of your show (you can pitch up to 2 ideas)
Target audience
Target audience
How will you engage your viewers?
How will you market your show?
Do you have an existing network, facebook group, website, etc. Provide links and analytics.
Any ideas on how you will monetise the show?
Do you have potential sponsors/funders/advertisers?
For more information please call Sisanda on 021 448-448

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