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Membership benefits

Cape Town TV is a membership-based community organisation. The channel derives its mandate from the communities represented by civil society organisations that are members, which organisations then have to exercise their responsibilities with regard to ensuring that the channel meets its social development objectives.


NGO members enjoy several benefits, among them access to CTV's training workshop programme and to the Open Studio show, which is an incubator for new shows as well as a platform for people to air issues affecting communities.  

Members get free on-air advertising to broadcast their own PSAs, ads and other videos. They also get free access to the training workshop programme to learn about, create and manage their own video content. Access to television enables organisations to spread their message both locally and nationally, giving wide exposure to their activities and campaigns.

Joining CTV is a contribution to social development. By attending AGMs or being elected to the board, your NGO can steer the channel on its mission to fulfil its social development mandate and serve the information and entertainment interests of Cape communities.

Any registered non-profit organisation in the greater Cape Town region can become a member of Cape Town TV and secure an ownership stake in the station. Membership is not open to business or religious organisations and there is a membership fee of R1 000 per year.

To register your NGO as a member, please download this form, complete and email it to

Independent producers

In addition to creating opportunities for people to produce shows at CTV, the channel gives video production companies and community groups the chance to create shows that will inspire, inform and entertain viewers.

This is an opportunity for people to attract viewers to their TV show to highlight their cause or showcase their creative abilities. And those who join the workshop programme can improve their skills and create better-quality productions.

CTV also does co-productions with NGOs where the channel provides the technical facilities and know-how to produce a show while the partner focuses on the content, providing topics, presenters and interviewees.

Independent producers can get in touch with CTV at

You're invited!

We'd love to see you at the next Cape Town TV AGM on Saturday, 08 June 2019. Come and make your voice heard on the direction the station is going and how it should be running. If you represent an NGO, it's up to you to take charge of the channel that was formed to represent your interests. Help us to map the way forward and better serve community interests.

To find out how to register your organisation as a Cape Town TV Member, contact

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