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Cape Town TV Newsletter February 2019

Interview with Hype It Up! Producer Yonela Masumpa


Yonela MasumpaHype It Up! has grown so much since its inception. What do you attribute the success of the show to?  

Yonela: I guess the reason why the show is such a success is that it’s a living proof that the people of Cape Town love entertainment. This show came at the right time were artists needed a place to market themselves seeing that there are no other TV broadcasting opportunities that are available in Cape Town besides the SABC which is really not doing enough.

Hype It Up! gained its popularity mainly because it's the Cape's number one, and safe to say only, youth music TV show.

How has the show maintained its stay on top?  

Yonela: I think it’s the quality of work that we produce that keeps everyone wanting more and also the show educates people about the ins and outs of the music industry.

The show has a new time slot, what does it mean for the guest artists and loyal viewers?  

Yonela: More people can now watch the show because at times we received complaints that some of  the potential people that truly want to view the show are not available from 4-5pm so they end up watching repeats. This new time slot will ensure that everyone will catch the episodes which means that we will get more viewership.

Coming to the new season of the show, what can viewers expect? Are there any format changes perhaps?

Yonela: People can expect more local music videos, produced and shot by our very own Cape Town artists. We also want to profile the people that  produce the music that we listen to everyday so that young, upcoming artists can be able to approach them and make music together.

For a person who has never watched the show and would be a first-time viewer, what can you tell them about the show and why should they tune in every Saturday at 9pm? 

Yonela: The show brings people close through music, it gives you info on anything that you need to know about the music industry. If you are a person that appreciates good music then you don’t want to miss out because you won’t only be entertained - you will be educated at the same time. 

What are your hopes and expectations for this coming season of H.I.U?  

Yonela: What I hope to achieve with this season is to see more rap artists being educated about the dangers of the industry, and also I am hoping to bring more musicians to collaborate especially Cape Town ones.

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