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Cape Town TV Newsletter February 2019

Interview with Ekse Producer Sivuyile Matsolo


Sivuyile MatsoloYou recently held auditions to have new presenters steer the next season of CTV’s beloved youth show. What do you believe they will bring?

Sivuyile: The recently-held auditions were a huge success in terms of the big numbers we had rock up at CTV. After thoroughly sifting through the auditions footage, I believe we have found the presenters who will elevate Ekse to another level as we seek to steer the show towards a direction of growth on longevity.

Why should loyal viewers keep watching?

Sivuyile: Firstly I would like to thank those loyal viewers who've always had our back throughout the growth of the Ekse brand and also in the same breath take the opportunity to welcome our new viewers to the greatest youth show in the motherland. 

This year we promise to bring you edutainment, youth discussions, entertainment and exciting events taking place in and around Cape Town.

Starting from February the show has moved to five days, covering your 4pm to 5pm time slots from Monday to Friday. The net has been widened so that we cover our viewers from all sides when it comes to the content we cover - so there won't be any reason to change that channel.

What excites you about this venture?

Sivuyile: The mere fact that this particular team consists of different team players who specialize in different trades is a huge bonus for Ekse. The people who work on Ekse come from all these communities in Cape Town and this will enable us to produce the kind of content which will reflect on what is taking place in such communities.

What are your hopes and expectations for this show?

Sivuyile: For me personally when I visualize such a youth show, it needs to be accessible, appealing to the youth and the people who engage within such a show need to be youthful and reflective of our societal differences.

When can the viewers expect to see this phenomenal and why should they tune in?

Sivuyile: The show is currently in the transitioning phase and we should see the changes taking into fruition by at least April the latest as we will be having the entire set and presenters in order by that time.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our online readers pertaining these exciting times about your shows?

Sivuyile: Well I would ask the viewers to try and involve themselves and family members more this year as the show is theirs and encourage mostly the youth to contact us in terms of how and what role they can play on Ekse, it might be as ambassadors, an audience or those who have set up organizations, or small businesses.

A new team member

One of the new presenters is Babalwa Quma, who having just joined the Ekse team, hopes that it will be "the best show in Mzansi". 

"I have great ideas for the show and together with my co-producers we have already started implementing a few things," she says. "We want Ekse to be a unique edutainment show with enthusiasm so that the viewers don't change channels when watching. We also hoping that the viewers will engage and interact by sharing their ideas as this is a show for them."

Babalwa believes that these are exciting time for Ekse. "We have a fantastic team that is hands-on and dedicated. All you have to do is start engaging with us via email and social media platforms and speak up if you feel there is something wrong, otherwise keep watching Ekse!" she says.

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