Cape Town TV (CTV)
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      Broadcast Frequencies

CTV is now broadcasting on two analogue, free-to-air frequencies in Cape Town. These are 839.25MHz (channel 67) and 607.25MHz (channel 32). Viewers must tune their television sets in order to pick up CTV . To do this, find the automatic channel search function on your TV set.

CTV will also be on DSTV, channel 263, from 10 October 2013.

Tune in to CTV
To tune your TV set to receive CTV you will usually use the Menu function on the set or remote control. It is often to be found under the Setup menu (although this will differ depending on the make and model of your set). If you do an automatic channel search, your set should pick up CTV’s new frequency. If you have an older TV set, it might have tuning buttons or dials on the set's control panel. Here you will use the button or dial to manually tune the set to receive the channels available in your area.

You must have clear line-of-sight to the transmitter site, located on top of Tygerberg, in order to receive the CTV signal.
Reception problems
If you experience poor reception, it could help to invest in a new TV antenna because these degrade over time. You need to have an outdoor, UHF 'grid' type, multi-band aerial. Good quality (what is called satellite grade) cabling from your aerial to your TV set is also recommended and a signal booster on the cable could also help.

The map below shows the extent of CTV's signal coverage.






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