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Ek Sê
Weekdays at 16H00

Catch CTV's kwaai and funky youth show Ek Sé every weekday from 4-5pm. Meet our up-and-coming local talent, chat about burning issues and keep up with the latest trends. The show's new season starts in March 2014. 

This week's Highlights

Monday, 08 September 2014
The Next 48 Hours
Academic David Harvey, asks if it is time to look beyond capitalism towards a new social order that would allow us to live within a system that really could be responsible, just, and humane?

Tuesday, 09 September 2014
Informal a Story of Street Trade
A Story of street trade follows the plight of a group of informal traders in Stellenbosch, Cape Town who were unjustly evicted from their trading location. The story explores the implications of short sighted policies of local authorities and examines how the law pertaining to Informal Trade is interpreted and abused both locally and nationally.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Dream Big
A tv show showcasing youth with big dreamsf or their futures, working in the industry together with their mentors.
Each show provides viewers with inspiration to follow their dreams and achieve success by just believing in yourself.

Thursday, 11 September 2014
NHK World: Dining with the Chef
This program introduces the worldview and attraction of Japanese cuisine that cares about the overall harmony of a variety of ingredients. Hosted by: Tatsuo Saito, Rika Yukimasa, SeiraKagami and Patrick Harlan.

Local is lekker

The next 48hOURS
Thursdays at 19H00 and Saturdays at 18H30

Find out what's happening in Cape Town - the thrilling sports, glittering celebrities and fun-filled events that make this jewel of Africa come alive! Explore the city's high life with 48hOURs TV.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Sell Hard

A business reality show creating and finding the best business that the Western Cape has to offer. Watch as the contestants go through tough challenges in their journey of becoming the best in business. 

Saturday, 13 September  2014

District Six/Khwezi Lomso
This is a short documentary about the District Six in Cape Town, South Africa, seen through the eyes of the insightful Joe Schaffers. This film is about a small independently run soup kitchen and captures an interaction between two very separate communities in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.
Sunday, 14 September 2014
Happiness Unlimited

The reason that there is so little happiness in the world is dependency. Happiness is not dependant on anything or anyone or found anywhere. This series teaches us that it is only when we choose thoughts and feelings aligned with our true nature of purity, peace and love that we can create a life of joy.

Hot docs


Earthdance Special

Friay at 22H00 

From its psy rave roots, Earthdance has grown to become one of the largest globally synchronized music and dance events, having been held in over 600 locations in 80 countries. 

In 2014, Earthdance Cape Town is the global 'hub' event, the energetic centre from which the pulse of peace will spread out across the world...

Catch the Earthdance Cape Town documentary and Earthdance Global Compilation on CTV this Friday.

Newsletter - March 2014
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In Cape Town you can pick it up on outdoor UHF aerials (the grid type), provided that you have line-of-sight of the transmitter site atop Tygerberg hills.

Just tune your TV set using the 'channel search' function on the setup menu. Do an automatic channel scan and your system will find the CTV signals. 

If you are a DSTV subscriber, tune in to channel 263. You'll find it on the Easy View, Access, Family, Compact, Extra & Premium packages in South Africa and Lesotho.

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