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Current Affairs

Our City

Weekdays at 18:00

The third season of Our City, a live daily current affairs program airs every weekday evening from 18:00. Our City includes a daily news round-up of news that looks at important local stories, through the voices of those affected.

What differentiates Our City is a focus on solutions journalism: where we not only report on issues, but also engage with ordinary people.

Relics of Persia
Monday at 22:30


In Press TV's fascinating documentary "Relics of Persia," we come to witness an event which is the first and unique one in its own. 

The Plain Talks
Wednesdays at 18:30


The Plain Talks is aimed at heightening awareness around social issues affecting Mitchell's Plain and surrounding communities.


Drive It
Thursday at 21:30


Drive It! keeps you in touch with the latest auto news from Germany and Europe: the latest models out for a test-drive and head-to-head with competitors.

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Cape Town TV is available free-to-air in Cape Town and across South Africa and Lesotho on DStv. The channel receives around three million views each month.

Homegrown Content

Ek Se

Monday to Wednesday at 16H00

Ek Se is a youth edutainment show primarily focusing on social issues affecting young people. 

The show also serves to celebrate young people who are excelling academically and provides them with interviews. The show has proved to be a success and is consistently engaging its loyal captive audience.

Shark People

Tuesday at 17:00


Sharks have faced environmental pressures similar to those confronting all species. Watch Shark People an AFDA student film.

Hype It Up

Thursday at 16:00


Hype It Up is a youth entertainment show, showcasing local talent in music. 

Easy Rider 

Friday at 22:30



Two counterculture bikers travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans in search of America.  


Tune Into Cape Town


To tune your TV set to pick up CTV, use the remote control unit to open up the Menu of the set.

  1. Go to the Setup menu.
  2. Do a channel scan – the TV set will automatically scan all of the channels it receives. This will take a few minutes.
  3. When the channel scan is completed the set should display all of the channels available – you will then be able to switch between channels using the channel buttons on the remote control or on the set itself.
  4. If you still have problems picking up the channel, call Sentech on 021 525 3601 for assistance.
  5. The transmission is from Sentech's Tygerberg mast, so your outdoor aerial should point to Tygerberg mountain.
If you are a DSTV subscriber, tune in to channel 263. You'll find it on the Easy View, Access, Family, Compact, Extra & Premium packages.


Crash Course

 Thursdays at 15:30

Cape Town TV brings you another fun eduational program started by the Green brothers. Crash Course is one of the best ways to educate yourself, your classmates and family on topics such as History and Ecology.


Cape Town TV is celebrating 10 Years in 2017. Tell us on our Facebook Page what you love about our community television channel.

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