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Paper Video TV
Mondays at 18H00

This year Paper Video TV on CTV will be
focusing on Matric Mathematics presented
by Paul Maree, maths teacher and co founder
of Paper Video.

Matric Mathematics curriculum; taking students
through question papers and helping them
revise and will serve as a personal
Mathematics tutor!

This week's highlights

Monday, 25
 April 2016

Captor and Captive

10882195_912077218865769_7379483428033175629_n.jpgThe 52
minute long film from 2010 tells the story of two enemy soldiers who meet again 30 years after an incident that changed both their lives: during crunch time of Namibia’s battle for independence, PLAN fighter Danger Ashipala captures South African army conscript Johan van der Mescht and moves him as Prisoner of War to Angola where he would stay behind bars for four-and-a-half years before being exchanged for a Russian spy.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016
Our City Matters
With the 2016 local elections just months away, Our City: Matters will be bringing you a three part election special over the next few weeks. Tonight the parties with the most votes in the Western Cape go head to head as Tashreeq drills them in regards with what they have planned for the Western Cape.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016
Cape Rugby

CAPERUGBYTVTWITTER-(2).jpgCape Rugby TV is an award nominated magazine style rugby show. The show is presented weekly by local media personality JP Naudé, and regularly records record viewership.


Local is lekker

Cape Rugby TV 
Wednesdays at 21H00 and Saturdays at 09H00

Cape Rugby TV covers the exciting world of amateur rugby in Cape Town - the clubs, the players, fixtures and results. Hosted by well-known sports personality and chairperson of the Western Province Sports Council, JP Naudé. Loving club rugby, driving awareness and creating opportunities.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Street Talk


Street Talk is the ground breaking South African television series encouraging citizens to debate, discuss and express their views. From grassroots to the establishment, our engaging programmes expose the lived realities and uncensored views and solutions of ordinary South Africans.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Islam Actually

This unique Magazine Programme caters for Muslims and all other Faiths across age, gender and class spectrums. The show focuses on the local and international Muslim issues especially the role of Muslim communities in cosmopolitan societies and how these communities assimilate contributing to the diverse character of modern society.

Saturday, 30 April 2016 



Seasoned CTV Presenter Abidah Dixon-Mohamed invites community members into studio to cook their favourite meals.

Through each episode Abidah and her guest take viewers through the recipe, its origin, tips & tricks around the kitchen as well as getting to know the guest better

Sunday, 01 May 2016

Steps for the future

A national hero turns public enemy when he confesses his tragic secret. Gilbert Josamu, Zimbabwean middle -weight boxing champion, discovered he was HIV positive at the height of his career. Living in a society where HIV/AIDS is taboo, Josamu forged his medical certificate and continued to pursue his career. Just months before he died, Josamu finally confessed to having lived with HIV for 14 years.




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Al Jazeera International News


Al Jazeera International News

The Award-winning international news and documentaries channel. With over 70 bureaus in six continents, the channel is increasingly being recognized as the leader in global current affairs for today's global village.

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